Wednesday, October 13, 2010

November Election Club Endorsements

November 2, 2010 Consolidated General Election

Final Club Recommendations

Statewide Office

Governor - Jerry Brown

Lieutenant Governor - Gavin Newsom

Attorney General - Kamala Harris

Secretary of State - Debra Bowen

Controller - John Chiang

Treasurer - Bill Lockyer

Insurance Commissioner - Dave Jones

Board of Equalization D1 - Betty Yee

U.S. Congress

Senate - Barbara Boxer

House D8 - Nancy Pelosi

House D12 - Jackie Speier

State Legislature

Senate D8 - Leland Yee

Assembly D12 - Fiona Ma

Assembly D13 - Tom Ammiano

Citywide Office

Assessor/Recorder - Phil Ting

Public Defender - Jeff Adachi

Superior Court Seat 15 - No recommendation

Board of Supervisors

D2 Janet Reilly

D4 Carmen Chu

D6 No recommendation

D8 No recommendation

D10 No recommendation

Board of Education

Margaret Brodkin

Emily Murase

Natasha Hoehn

Community College Board

Lawrence Wong

Anita Grier

State Measures

19 - Legalizes Marijuana Under California but Not Federal Law: SUPPORT

20 - Redistricting Congressional Districts: OPPOSE

21 - Vehicle Fee for Fund Parks & Wildlife: OPPOSE

22 - Prohibit State Taking Local Funds: NO POSITION

23 - Suspending Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32): OPPOSE

24 - Repeals Business Tax Cut Statute: NO POSITION

25 - Elim 2/3 Rule for Budget/ Not for Tax: SUPPORT

26 - Requiring Certain Business Fees Be Approved by 2/3 Votes: OPPOSE

27 - Eliminates Commission on Redistricting: OPPOSE

Local Measures

AA - Vehicle Registration Fee: SUPPORT

A - Earthquake Safety Retrofit Deferred Loans and Grants: SUPPORT

B - City Retirement and Health Plans: NO POSITION

C - Mayoral Appearance at Board Meetings: OPPOSE

D - Non-citizen Voting in School Board Elections: OPPOSE

E - Election Day Voter Registration: NO POSITION

F - Health Service Board Elections: SUPPORT

G - Transit Operator Wages: SUPPORT

H - Elected Officials on Party Committees: SUPPORT

I - Saturday Voting: SUPPORT

J - Hotel Tax Clarification / Temp. Increase: OPPOSE

K - Hotel Tax Clarification and Definitions: SUPPORT

L- Sitting or Lying on Sidewalks: SUPPORT

M - Community Policing and Foot Patrols: OPPOSE

N - Real Property Transfer Tax: SUPPORT

CityDem Bylaw Change

City Democratic Club bylaws have been updated to allow future communications to be done via electronic notice ONLY.

Members without e-mail access can be accommodated with extra notice.

Please keep us updated about your e-mail address!