Monday, October 8, 2012

City Democratic Club Endorsements for November 2012

The City Democratic Club is pleased to announce its endorsements for the November 2012 Presidential Election.

Endorsements for top-of-ticket races, through State Assembly, are carried forward from our June primary endorsements. These five races are noted with an asterisk.

Races new for November 2012 were voted and endorsed by the membership at its September 20 meeting.

President / Vice President *
Barack Obama / Joe Biden

U.S. Senate * 
Dianne Feinstein

U.S. House of Representatives * 
District 12: Nancy Pelosi
District 14: Jackie Speier

California State Senate * 
District 11: Mark Leno

California State Assembly * 
District 17: Tom Ammiano
District 19: Phil Ting

Board of Supervisors
District 1: David Lee
District 3: David Chiu
District 5: no endorsement
District 7: F.X. Crowley
District 9: David Campos
District 11: John Avalos

Board of Education (in alphabetical order)
Sandra Fewer, Rachel Norton, Sam Rodriguez, Jill Wynns

Community College Board 
Amy Bacharach

BART Board of Directors 
District 7: Lynette Sweet
District 9: no endorsement

Local Measures 
Prop A (City College Parcel Tax): YES
Prop B (Parks Bond): YES
Prop C (Housing Trust Fund): YES
Prop D (Consolidation of Odd-Year Municipal Elections): YES
Prop E (Gross Receipts Tax): YES
Prop F (Water and Environmental Plan): NO
Prop G (Policy Opposing Corporate Personhood): YES

State Measures
Prop 30 (Sales and Income Tax Increase): YES
Prop 31 (Two-Year State Budget Cycle and Offset Requirement): NO
Prop 32 (Prohibition of Political Contributions Through Payroll Deduction): NO
Prop 33 (Portable Discounts for Auto Insurance Coverage): NO
Prop 34 (Death Penalty Repeal): YES
Prop 35 (Human Trafficking Penalties): YES
Prop 36 (Three Strikes Reform): YES
Prop 37 (GMO labeling): YES
Prop 38 (Income Tax Increase): NO
Prop 39 (Tax Treatment of Multi-State Businesses): YES
Prop 40 (Ratification of State District Maps): YES