Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 22: Summer garden party

Meet Supervisor Katy Tang.

Mingle with fellow members.

Luxuriate in a palatial backyard. 

Life give you lemons?
City Democratic Club continues its longstanding tradition of hosting a summer garden party. (Nobody seems to remember exactly when it started, so it must be longstanding.)

This year's party is Saturday June 22, starting around 2pm in Heidi's recently renovated backyard.

Our special guest is D4 Supervisor Katy Tang, who joined the Board to fill Carmen Chu's vacancy. Supervisor Tang served as Supervisor Chu's legislative aide for more than five years, drafting legislation to make life easier for City businesses and harder for City criminals. As it should be.

The garden party is a member benefit for which your dues need to be current. If you're not a member at the moment, we're making that extra easy -- see "Membership at the door" below.

When: Saturday, June 22nd, 2pm(ish)
Where: Heidi's backyard, near Church Street Station and Duboce Park
How: Adjacent Muni lines: All light rail F/J/K/L/M/N; 6, 22, 24, 37, 71. Bike-friendly neighborhood.

RSVP: Please respond to our Facebook event. While you're there, become a fan of our page if you're not already!

About our featured guest

D4 Supervisor Katy Tang, like roughly 40 percent of D4 voters, is Chinese-American. She speaks Mandarin and grew up in San Francisco, attending Lowell High School.

She received her bachelor's degree from UC Davis.

Her prior experience includes the Office of Public Policy and Finance, during Mayor Gavin Newsom's tenure, leading neighborhood involvement efforts in the development of the City's first Community Justice Center.

Lettuce party!

Membership at the door

The garden party is a member benefit. Admission is free to all current members. 

Club dues are $35 a year, but since the year's half over, $20 at the door gets you event admission and membership for the rest of 2013. Valid for both new and returning members, but only at the door.

Students and seniors can renew or join for $10 at the door.

We accept cash or checks made out to City Democratic Club.

Where is this again?

The garden party is in Heidi's backyard. It's the lushest one in San Francisco.

If you'd like a reminder of the address, please drop us a note on the club Facebook page, on the Facebook event, or (slowest) email or call us. See the sidebar for email and phone.

Beverages and Heidi's famous vegan fare are included.