Sunday, January 18, 2015

Help drive turnout higher with #BoostTheVote

Members and friends, 

Please find attached information about a campaign being run by our friends in L.A. The cause is critical: How to reverse the trend of lower voter turnout. We hope you'll give serious consideration to this issue affecting nothing less than the future of democracy.

Dear Democrat,

LACDP is thrilled to throw its support behind Secretary of State Alex Padilla's #BoostTheVote campaign. 

After an election with the lowest voter turnout in more than seventy years, Secretary Padilla has created a forum to solicit the best ideas on how to get more voters engaged in our democracy and to make sure that the voices of all people in California are heard.

Civic participation begins with us, and who better than the Democratic Party to revitalize voter participation in our government?

To begin this undertaking, Secretary Padilla has asked all of us to share what we would do to increase voter turnout through social media, using #BoostTheVote, or by going to, to share our ideas. I implore all of you to contribute to this important effort.

 Democratically yours,

Eric C. Bauman
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party

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