Monday, March 2, 2015

February meeting recap

David Latterman on the pulse of the City

The club extends its thanks to David Latterman, Principal of Fall Line Analytics, for his insightful view of City demographics and voting trends. One key takeaway was how the campaign cycle is moving earlier and earlier because of a steadily increasing percentage of mail-in votes.

Although 2015 should be a quiet year, David previewed 2016, a Presidential election year that features the odd-numbered Supervisors as well as State and Federal Representatives and State Senator, a race that includes some of the southern suburbs.

A lively Q&A for David focused on the concept of San Francisco as a "donut" - a central core that gets significant attention and investment, and the edges that often feel underrepresented and underfunded.

D3 Supervisor Julie Christensen

Our March speaker, Supervisor Julie Christensen, also came and gave us a fascinating teaser of her upcoming presentation. She previewed the challenges and responsibilities of representing one of the most demographically varied districts in the City, one that includes North Beach, Chinatown, and Telegraph Hill. Please join us for her full presentation on Thursday, March 19. We'll again meet at 7:30pm at the Chancellor Hotel; see our March meeting announcement for complete details.

Our meetings are well-attended. Come early to get a seat that's to your liking.