Monday, May 25, 2015

Save the Date: June 18 Mixer and Bylaw Amendment

Happy Hour With the City Democratic Club

On Thursday, June 18, the City Democratic Club plans to meet for happy hour with its friends and members. We hope that you'll come join us in raising a drink and welcoming summer, such as it is in our fair City.

Details of location and time are to come, but the date of 6/18 is firm.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Also at this event, we will vote on a bylaw amendment sponsored by Recording Secretary Michelle Parker and President Michael Ho.

You can view the existing bylaws here. 

The proposed amendment is driven by the California Democratic Party, which expects clubs to standardize on the term "Member in Good Standing" where we currently use "regular member." An additional section also is added at its behest.

Some typographical errors are fixed, as well as clarification on the requirement to hand absentee ballots physically to an Executive Board member.

You can view the markup of the changes here.

This vote will occur at 7:30pm. The Executive Board will gather at this time and will have been circulating to find members for the vote.

We welcome earlybirds and hope that many of you will stay with us into the evening.